About the Journal

Sites: A Journal of Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing scholarly papers which explore aspects of Pacific societies and cultures. We define the Pacific in its widest possible sense to include the Pacific Rim, Oceania, New Zealand and the diasporas of people outwards from these regions. We welcome original papers focused on empirical studies or theoretical, methodological or pedagogical topics which fall within this broad purview. Our journal is trans- and multidisciplinary and we invite submissions from scholars from a diverse array of disciplinary traditions.

Sites is published bi-annually by the Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa New Zealand (ASAANZ) with assistance from the School of Social Sciences, University of Otago.

Focus and Scope

Sites seeks multidisciplinary perspectives on the study of societies and cultures of Australasia and the wider Pacific region. We welcome work from authors in the fields of anthropology, cultural studies, Indigenous studies, Māori studies, sociology, history, gender, linguistics, and ethnomusicology.

Delayed Open Access

The contents of this journal will be available in an open access format 12 months after an issue is published.


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