New issue available: Volume 17 (2) is now available

The general issue of Sites for 2020 is now available featuring articles based in Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia. Edited by Ruth Fitzgerald (General Editor).  
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Call for Papers: Announcing the 2021 SITES senior student essay competition

SITES: journal of social anthropology and cultural studies invites submissions for the annual senior student essay competition. Essays for consideration require submission by the deadline of 15 April 2021.  
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News from Sites Editorial Team: Winner of the 2020 Sites Senior Student Essay Competition

The Sites Editorial Board is delighted to announce the winner of the 2020 Sites Senior Student Essay Competition. This year’s winner is Jacqueline Watt, a Master of Arts student majoring in Social Anthropology at Massey University. The winning essay is entitled 'Kiwiburn- a ‘Biophilic festival’: Considering mind-body-environment connections to nature in blended festivalscapes'. This essay will be published in the 2020 December issue of Sites.  
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New issue available: Special Issue Refugee Resettlement in Early Twenty-First Century New Zealand

Edited by Professor Angela McCarthy of the Unviersty of Otago, this fascinating collection of articles draws from the 'Refuge in the City: Former Refugees in Urban New Zealand Conference' of 2018 and is respectfully dedicated to the survivors and victims of the 2019 mosque attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand.  
Posted: 2020-12-22

How to submit an article to Sites

1. Select 'register' on the home page menu at the top of the page

2. Choose your username and password and remember it

3. Fill in the metadata and near the bottom of the page select 'author'

4. From then on you access the journal via your user name and password which takes you to your 'user home' page where you can click on 'author' then 'start a new submission'.
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New issue available: SITES 16(2) now available

Various issues associated with immigration and settlement in New Zealand and Australia are addressed in this issue of SITES. The regular contributions to this issue highlight themes of ontological colonialism, socio-cultural accommodations, and researcher reflexivity. In addition, this issue features a Special Section, Migration and Migrant Lives, guest edited by Amie Lennox of Massey University.  
Posted: 2019-12-18

New issue available: Sites 16(1) now available

SITES issue 16, number 1 is now available online. This special issue on Christianity and Development in the Pacific was guest edited by Philip Fountain and Geoff Troughton. The special issue includes eight articles exploring the entanglements between Christianity and development in different parts of the Pacific. Papers include analysis of: the theological elements in the discourse of the ‘Pacific Way’, ritual dimensions of migration for climate change adaption in Fiji, Mormon theologies of ‘self-reliance’, faith-based Samoan approaches to pastoral counselling, church responses to development challenges in Solomon Islands, and theological education in Vanuatu. In addition, ‘big picture’ frameworks and research questions are laid out in the hope of inspiring further research on these themes.  
Posted: 2019-07-04

News from Sites Editorial Team: SITES senior student essay competition

SITES: journal of social anthropology and cultural studies invites submissions for the annual senior student essay competition. Essays for consideration require submission by the deadline of 1 July, 2019. The winning essay will be announced on 16 August, 2019.  
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New issue available: SITES 15(2) now available

This issue of SITES features the winning SITES Senior Student Essay Competition essay. In addition to two regular articles on Māori Jews' memories of 'home', and the liminality experienced by older folk transitioning into residential care, it also contains a Special Section edited by Chrystal Jaye, Ruth Fitzgerald and Molly George entitled Care, Cosmopolitanism and Anthropology. The issue is completed by a book review essay reviewing three books that speak to ethnographic frontiers.  
Posted: 2018-11-05

New issue available: Sites 15(1) Special Issue now available

Ethnographic Frontiers: Pushing the Boundaries of Ethnography

This special issue focused on contemporary ethnographic engagements emerged from the fortieth ASAANZ annual conference at Massey University in 2015. Various ethnographic sensibilities are revealed here, extending across human-non-human contexts that offer opportunities to play with ethnographic form.
Posted: 2018-08-23

News from Sites Editorial Team: Winner of the 2018 Sites Senior Student Essay Competition

The Sites Editorial Board is delighted to announce the winner of the 2018 Sites Senior Student Essay Competition. This year’s winner is Mika Young, a third year student majoring in Anthropology at the University of Otago. Her winning essay is entitled 'Tā Moko and the Cultural Politics of Appropriation'. This essay will be published in the 2018 December issue of Sites.  
Posted: 2018-08-16

New issue available: Sites 14(2) now available

Sites 14(2), published in December 2017, opens with the winning essay by Claire Black, winner of the Sites Graduate Student Essay Competition. This is followed by a dialogue on the theory and politics of cosmopolitanism between Nigel Rapport and Brigitte Lewis. This issue also features two other articles that attend to health technologies in the form of patient portals and health apps. Other contributors examine various aspects of identity politics – the perspectives of New Zealand expatriates living in London, and the film representation of a violent episode in New Caledonia’s history. Collective memory work is explored as a methodology with potential for anthropological research, and this issue also offers an examination of the various discourses of toilet training, death notices, and mountain biking. Several book reviews complete the issue.  
Posted: 2017-12-07

New issue available: Sites 14(1) Special Issue now available

This Special Issue of Sites, ‘Carceral Continuities: Indigenous Peoples and the Colonial Politics of Prisons’, emerges from contributions to the 2016 conference Space, Race, Bodies II: Sovereignty and Migration in a Carceral Age, which combined activist and academic insights to address the nexus between Indigenous sovereignty, criminal justice, and the incarceration of peoples of colour. This collection of essays variously explores these themes within the Australian, Canadian and Aotearoa New Zealand contexts, by focusing on the violent management and regulation of Indigenous life by the settler colonial state. What our contributors reveal is an on-going, multipronged assault on Indigenous sovereignty: whether in public spaces, prisons, or rural Indigenous communities, the supremacy of the state violently reinscribes itself at the expense of Indigenous existence.  
Posted: 2017-12-07

News from Sites Editorial Team: Student Essay Competition Winner

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the 2017 Sites Student Essay Competition is Claire Black, currently studying for her MA in Social Anthropology at the University of Auckland. The title of her winning essay is 'Narrating Agency and Constructing Community: Commonalities and Tensions in Health Technology'. This essay will be published in the 2017 December issue of Sites (Vol 14, No 2).  
Posted: 2017-08-15

New issue available: SITES Special Issue Vol 12 No 1 2015

'Neoliberal Culture/The Cultures of Neoliberalism: Studies from the Pacific Rim', Sites Vol 12, Issue 1, is a Special Issue edited by Jenny Lawn and Chris Prentice. It opens with a substantial introduction and scholarly review of the theme by the editors. They argue that despite the many disagreements over these key concepts, neoliberalism is sufficiently coherent to be 'an influential force on material life'. The six subsequent articles that comprise this issue trace neoliberal developments in Chile and New Zealand, address diverse remoralisations of market forms in Australia and New Zealand, canvass the complex interplay of neoliberal policies and Indigenous rights; and provide thought-provoking critiques of critiques of neoliberal universities. Issue 12 (1) is available on-line now to subscribers. Sites provides open access after 12 months.  
Posted: 2015-12-24

New issue available: General Issue Vol 12 No 2, 2015

SITES 12 (2), published November 2015, opens with the prize-winning essay by Hannah Gibson in the first 'SITES Graduate Student Essay Competition'. Hannah canvasses the relative merits of Cyborg Theory and Actor Network Theory in relation to disabled bodies and technology, especially in contexts of inequality. Inequality and place are two key themes running through this General Issue. In relation to bicultural and Māori issues, readers are offered articles on a practical national strategy for addressing racism; how Māori were incorporated ambiguously into National Film Unit documentaries, and ethnographic reflections on ‘dwelling’ in two contemporary rural marae. The issue concludes with two articles on very different aspects of place in New Zealand: one examining challenges around Muslim’s women’s physical activities and identities; the other the experiences of displaced Christchurch aged care residents, post the 2011 earthquakes. A robust set of book reviews rounds out the issue.  
Posted: 2015-11-23

Call for Papers: General Issues

SITES welcomes submissions to its General Issues at all times. The next general issue is scheduled for October/ November 2016. Manuscripts in social anthropology and cultural studies relating to New Zealand and the Pacific (broadly conceived) are sought. Masters students are advised to consider submitting jointly with their supervisors.  
Posted: 2015-12-23

New issue available: Anthropology and Imagination 2014 11(1)

Along with the Special Section edited by Lorena Gibson is a small General section with Book Reviews. A substantial Guest Editorial on Anthropology and Imagination introduces papers on The Crown, Development, Same Sex Civil Unions, and Indigeneity through Performance. An article on Crime Stories in the Media and Maori, plus book reviews, comprise the general section.  
Posted: 2014-07-28

New issue available: SITES 10 (2) Available Online

The new general issue of Sites (Volume 10, Issue 2) is available online.  
Posted: 2013-12-20

New issue available: SITES Volume 10 (1)

In this volume, edited by Lily George and Graeme MacRae, the idea of whakapapa is explored. This collection is based on presentations at the 2010 ASAA/NZ conference in Rotorua. Contributions include reflections from anthropologists on working with Maori, as well as analyses on the contemporary meanings of whakapapa.’  
Posted: 2013-11-28
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