Transition Into Care:Experiences of the Elderly as they Move to Residential Aged Care

Roz McKechnie, Chrystal Jaye, Beatrice Hale, June Tordoff, Linda Robertson, Jean Simpson, Mary Butler


A move to residential care represents a significant transition for older people, between their former independent and autonomous lives, and dependence, frailty and death. The concept of transition is valuable in considering the quality of care. We argue that a successful transition to residential care is one measure of quality in care. We used an ethnographic approach that emphasises participant-observation and qualitative interviewing. Analysis of the transcripts revealed several themes, one of which, transition, is discussed in this paper. Transition theory, along with the concept of liminality, i.e. the betwixt and between status of the mostly unanticipated move from home to Residential Aged Care Facilities identifies and explains the complexities involved in the move into residential care for older people and their families.


aged residential care; transition; liminality; quality

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