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Engaging with Churches to Address Development-related Challenges in Solomon Islands

Ross Macdonald Cassells


Solomon Islands churches, such as the United Church on Choiseul, have accrued extensive organisational networks, governance structures, and a local political legitimacy that frequently surpasses that of the state. Well-respected and very influential at village-level, this places such churches in a strong position to be agents for change. On Choiseul, however, Nukiki village and others, are facing significant development-related challenges which they, and the church, do not have the necessary skills to address. Outside assistance is needed to enhance local capacity, and this could be achieved if development agencies engaged in partnerships with the church. In discussing the potential for productive partnerships with churches, this paper focuses on the case of the United Church in Nukiki Village, Choiseul Province.


Christianity, churches, development, Solomon Islands, Choiseul

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