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You’re Giving Me a Headache: A Political–Cultural Textual Critique of Alt/Far-Right Anti-indigenous Thought on Indigenous Issues in Aotearoa New Zealand

Hemopereki Hoani Simon


This paper will provide a critical critique of Alt/Far-Right Political Thought on Indigenous Issues and History in Aotearoa New Zealand. It examines the preface of the book, “One Treaty, One Nation” entitled, “Some of The Myths on Which The Treaty Industry is Based” by emerging Alt/Far-Right Publisher, Tross Publishing. The author examines supposed ‘myths’ put forward by the authors. An exploration of the relevance of Aboriginal academic Aileen Moreton-Robinson’s White Possesive Doctrine, Histographpobia and Veracini’s Commentary of “On Settling.” This piece ends by providing commentary on the collective future of Aotearoa New Zealand should be based on.


racism, anti-indigenous, far right, Māori politics, white possessive

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