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'Kiwiburn- a ‘Biophilic festival’: Considering mind-body-environment connections to nature in blended festivalscapes'

Jacqueline Yvonne Watt


This article considers biophilic blended festivalscapes through an examination of relevant academic literature and secondary sources, whilst examining ‘Kiwiburn: New Zealand’s regional Burning Man event’ as a case study. A ‘biophilic festival’ can be understood as a festival that uses nature to construct or influence the embodied experiences of participants through their emotional responses, in a way that enhances positive mind-body-environment connections and promotion of biophilia. Examining Kiwiburn through the limitations of a literature review is an attempt to initiate a conversation about biophilia in connection to contemporary festivals. Kiwiburn provides a useful example of how biophilic festivals can be structured to foster sustainability, through mind-body-environment relationships. This article will be considering what principles and design features built into Kiwiburn are intended to drive positive ecological perceptions and practices within its participants; and, whether these biophilic elements have the potential for extension into the everyday lives of festival participants in broader society.


Biophilic festivals; Blended festivalscapes; Kiwiburn; Burning Man; Mind-body-environment relationships

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