Vol 9, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents


Editorial: Towards a Movement-driven Social Sciences in Aotearoa/New Zealand PDF
Martha Bell, Tara Duncan, Vivienne Anderson 1-11
Acknowledgements PDF
Martha Bell
Author Bios PDF
Martha G Bell


’New Zealand is no more’: Botany and mobility in the career of Leonard Cockayne PDF
Matthew Henry 12-37
Moorings and Movements: The Paradox of Sporting Mobilities PDF
Josh Newman, Mark Falcous 38-58
The mobilities, immobilities and moorings of work-life on cargo ships PDF
Maria Borovnik 59-82
The legacy of an intervention: Exploring teenage walking school bus ‘graduates’ mobilities in Auckland. PDF
Robin Kearns, Alexandra Boyle, Christina R. Ergler 83-106
The problems and possibilities of mobility for home-based elders in New Zealand PDF
Juliana Ruth Mansvelt 107-132
Modes of mobility: An interdisciplinary search for bodies in action PDF
Martha G Bell 133-158
Mobilities Research in the Southern Hemisphere PDF
Anita Jean Perkins 172-176
Mobilities and the Asian Migrations Research Theme PDF
Tui Nicola Clery 177-178

Book Reviews

Book Review (compiled) PDF