Whanau, whakapapa and identity in experiences of organ donation and transplantation

Robert Webb, Rhonda M. Shaw


This article is based upon qualitative interviews with Maori and their whanau, and explores research into the direct experiences and perspectives of Maori on organ or tissue donation and transplantation. The participants in this research reflected upon their experiences with references to understandings of embodiment, the meanings of the gift in donation, identity as Maori, and cultural wellbeing. The research indicates that these experiences were often linked to wider understandings of whanau and whakapapa, rather than just individualistic notions of the body and transplantation as an end point of health care and wellbeing.


Maori experiences, organ donation, organ transplantation, tissue donation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11157/sites-vol8iss1id154