Vol 8, No 1 (2011)

Table of Contents


Perspectives on organ transfer and bio-identity PDF
Rhonda Shaw 1-11


Imagining transpecies kinship in xenotransplantation PDF
Lesley A. Sharp 12-39
Whanau, whakapapa and identity in experiences of organ donation and transplantation PDF
Robert Webb, Rhonda M. Shaw 40-58
Increasing levels of live kidney transplantation in New Zealand PDF
Paula Martin 59-82
Liver transplant recipients’ reflections on organ donors and organ donation: a preliminary analysis PDF
Bethli Vivienne Wainwright 83-107
Xenotransplantation, xenozoonosis and contemporary imaginings of monstrosity PDF
Mary Murray 108-128
Searching for meaningful aftermaths: donor family experiences and expressions in New York and Denmark PDF
Anja Marie Bornø Jensen 129-148

Book Reviews

Book reviews PDF