Xenotransplantation, xenozoonosis and contemporary imaginings of monstrosity

Mary Murray


This paper considers contemporary imaginings about monstrosity surrounding xenotransplantation and zoonosis. The impact of human-to-human organ transplantation on identity is considered, and provides context for consideration of possible effects of animal-to-human transplantation and zoonotic disease on human identity. The paper looks at ways in which fearful imaginings about monstrosity, xenotransplantation and zoonosis have been conjoined with ideas about the animal, feminine and racial other, and have pointed to the possibility of significant social disruption as well as destabilisation of body and self. The conclusion to the paper includes consideration of some of the implications of such monstrous imaginings for tissue transfer.


xenotransplantation, zoonosis, monstrosity, animal, other

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11157/sites-vol8iss1id179