Vol 13, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents


Peripheral Cosmopolitanisms, An Introduction PDF
Molly George, Ruth Fitzgerald, Chrystal Jaye 1-12


Floating Worlds: Cosplay Photo Shoots and the Creation of Imaginary Cosmopolitan Places PDF
Claire Margaret Langsford 13-36
Envisioning Kanak Independence: A Cosmopolitan Future? PDF
Scott Robertson 37-61
Cosmopolitan Methods and Recruiting the Urban Stranger in Aotearoa New Zealand PDF
Molly George 62-87
Multiple Peripherals One Cosmopolitanism: Rights Based Feminism and The Globe Trotting Pick Up Artist PDF
Brigitte Lewis 88-110
Vernacular Cosmopolitanisms in Suburban Peripheries: A Case Study in Multicultural Sydney PDF
Rebecca Williamson 111-133
The Cosmopolitan Performers: Chinese–Indonesian Migrants in Perth, Australia PDF
Monika Winarnita, Natalie Araujo 134-155
Undermining Cosmopolitanism - Cyber-racism Narratives in Australia PDF
Karen Connelly 156-176
Action Stations: Biological Cosmopolitanism at Play on Online Support Groups for Genetic Disorders PDF
Pauline Herbst 176-197
Love From Afar: Transcending Distance and Difference in Age-Dissimilar Couplings? PDF
Lara McKenzie 198-221

Book Review Essays

Some Contemporary Critical Cosmopolitanisms and Anthropology. PDF
Ruth Patricia Fitzgerald 222-237

Book Reviews

Book reviews PDF