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Hale, Beatrice
Hale, Beatrice, Unaffiliated (New Zealand)
Halley, Jessica, Massey University
Hardy Bernal, Kathryn
Henry, Matthew
Herbst, Pauline, University of Auckland
Herbst, Pauline
Hinckson, Erica, Auckland University of Technology
Holroyd, Eleanor, School of Clinical Sciences, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland
Horowitz, Michael
Horrell, Barbara
Howard, Christopher, Massey University
Howard, Christopher Allan, Massey University
Howland, Corinna
Huijser, Henk, Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education
Humpage, Louise, Sociology University of Auckland
Huntington, Annette
Hutton, Fiona, Institute of Criminology, School of Social & Cultural Studies, Victoria University of Wellington
Hutton, Fiona, Institute of Criminology, Victoria University, Wellington

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